It’s Time to Prepare for Tax Season in Murfreesboro, TN

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Do you need help preparing your tax returns? The Lighthouse Tax Solutions team is backed by 20 years of tax preparation experience, and we’ve been serving the Murfreesboro, TN community for 10 years and counting. We provide tax prep services to individuals and companies both large and small.

If you’re buried under tax debt, we can help. We’ll help you navigate a stressful situation. We can offer strategic solutions to get you out of debt and into the IRS’s good graces again. Call us today to get started.

<br/>3 steps to a worry-free tax season

3 steps to a worry-free tax season

Preparing for tax season can be challenging, but Lighthouse Tax Solutions makes it easy. You’re just three steps away from no-hassle tax preparation:

  1. Call Lighthouse Tax Solutions—dial 615-535-2722 today to speak to a member of our staff.
  2. Schedule an appointment—just bring your ID & social security card, and we’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs.
  3. Enjoy stress-free tax prep—we’ll go over your paperwork, discuss any tax debt you might have and come up with a solution

When it comes to preparing tax returns, it’s easy to get stressed out. Make an appointment with Lighthouse Tax Solutions today to get professional tax preparation services in Murfreesboro, TN.

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